March 20, 2023

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Podcast Reaction: Blind Spot Edition

I can't find the Swamp Thing picture in the archive, so here's Groot instead.
I can’t find the Swamp Thing picture in the archive, so here’s Groot instead.

Friday on the podcast, after discussing something that came from the future and who was almost Batman, the guys and Jenny went on to discuss more of their blind spots.  I can say I’m actually familiar with most of those blind spots, so I’ll be sitting that sort of thing out next week.  There were some mighty fine choices, truth be told…well, I didn’t care for Krull when I saw it, but maybe if I’d seen it when it came out as opposed to years after the fact when I was no longer an easily-impressed kid.

That’s more or less the same reason my wife didn’t care for Ghostbusters when I showed it to her.  You gotta catch these things at the exact right time.  It’s also why I suspect I would have liked Catcher in the Rye if I had read it when I was 16 instead of 26.  Stuff happens.

Though the poll I put up last week has only gotten as of this writing about 5 votes, Bone was winning, so I’ll be rereading that, and shame on Ryan for not hittin’ that yet.  Even my non-geek wife read and loved Bone.

But I’m putting three of my blind spots behind the cut.

What are my blind spots?  I have a few.

Video Games

Every so often, I try a video game, or even splurge on a game system.  It never holds my attention for very long.  I chalk most of this up to not really having much in the way of a game system growing up.  My father always said the worst thing he ever got any of his kids (I’m the oldest of four) was my brother’s Gameboy.  So, me, not a gamer.


I have a couple movies of this in my collection, including Akira, which I actually liked, but most anime didn’t do stuff for me.  I knew a guy who college who taught himself how to read and speak Japanese from watching so much anime.  He also had hair down to his knees.  I didn’t care to emulate his entrainment or his grooming standards, but the vast scope of anime has always left me sitting there wondering where to go if I were to take that next step.

It didn’t help that most anime that actually came over and got big looked outright terrible.  The characters on Dragonball Z somehow move around less than the Superfriends.  And that’s saying something.  As for Pokemon, face it, that’s training your pets to fight, and that’s why Michael Vick went to jail.


Ok, this one isn’t so much a geek blind spot as a general one.  I have a constant ringing in one ear that makes hearing difficult, so I haven’t really developed any interest in music in general.  I leave that to my wife.  She likes everything except for modern country.  There are songs and bands I like, but most music stuff means nothing to me.  It’s like asking Watson about restraint or Jimmy about advanced particle physics.  It’s just going to get out of me a polite smile and nod at best and a look of outright confusion at worst.

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