June 20, 2024

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Gabbing Geek 33: Taxholes

Gabbing Geek 33: Taxholes
Gabbing Geek 33: Taxholes

The latest episode of your favorite geek podcast has time travel, special movie reviews, and is that Stephen Hawking?  Listen right now or find out more after the break!

Recorded on Tax Day, Episode 33 is lovingly called Taxholes.  Because reasons.

We start off with our Geekiest News of the Week (GNOW) where we cover developments on the female superhero movies Captain Marvel (writers!) and Wonder Woman (lost director!) before giving our initial impressions of episode 1 to Daredevil.  Ryan lays down the law and there are NO SPOILERS in this discussion.  Which was good for both Jenny and Watson’s sake.

Then, through the miracle of modern technology and the amazing power of the pause button, we jump our podcast into the FUTURE because your three favorite podcasters (that’s us!) got to see a special advance screening of the new social media horror flick Unfriended.  Find out what we thought in this spoiler-free but totally baller VIP review!

We fall back into the past to pick up our conversation with a Batman casting game.  We know who has played Batman in the modern movies–but who *almost* played Batman in the films?  Find out!

Our last bit covers some geek blind spots, or holes in our geek knowledge, by bringing back a special gamified version of Top 3.  Each podcaster picked three geek blind spots and then the other two vote on what we will watch or read for our next blind spot discussion in episode 37 (that’s in 4 weeks for Jenny).  But here’s the trick: if the two voting podcasters agree, that’s what we read/watch; if they disagree then we read/watch whatever the voters DIDN’T vote for!  The horror!  Find out what we picked so you can join us for our next blind spots discussion in episode 37!

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