May 27, 2024

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The Definitive Chronological List Of Every Spider-Man Comic Book

SpiderMan Chronicles

Say you’re up late one night and you decide you want to read every Spider-Man comic book ever published but only if you can do so in chronological order.  Not publication order, mind you, but in an order that has all 2,000+ issues make sense as a single story.  Because this is what you do when you’re up late.  Don’t blame me.

Before today you had two options.  First, you could find some online reading orders but they can be lacking so that option is out.  Second, you could read every issue and then try to put them in order as you go but that defeats the purpose of reading them in order.

As of today, you have a third option.

One of the secret projects I’ve been working on for Gabbing Geek has been this definitive Spider-Man reading chronology. The goal is to incorporate as many canonical appearances as possible in an order that someone reading Spider-Man for the first time could follow.  Interested?  Find out more after the break.

In creating a definitive list of Spider-Man appearances some choices have to be made.  Like what to include and what not to include.  Because there’s a difference between being useful and just being ludicrous.

So what isn’t included?  First up: cameos.  While cameos can be interesting, I didn’t want to clutter up the chronology with issues where Spider-Man appears in one panel stealing a piece of cake.

Did you think I made that up?
Did you think I made that up?

But there are exceptions to every rule and in this case if there’s a cameo that makes sense, I will include it in the list.  It has to have more substance than pie theft.  Maybe cake vandalism.  Some of these cameos are actually important enough to note so I also have a series of “Spiders, Spiders Everywhere” posts which call out some of the best Spider-Man cameos.

Most cameos are not on the list but one thing I chose to include are Spider-Man featured What If? issues. I find the What If? issues interesting and I tried to slot them in a place where they made sense. If you don’t care about What If? stories then you could always skip them.

Some other things to bear in mind when considering this list:

One of the first things you learn when trying to complete a project such as this is that it is impossible (‘natch). I’m one of those people that wants everything to fit perfectly into a chronological order like pieces of a puzzle, but this can never be done. Especially when you get into the 90’s when Spidey is appearing in like 300 books a month and in the new millennium when he is joining numerous Avengers teams and the Fantastic Four. As many of these books have different writers and editors, it is not hard to imagine they don’t keep everything straight.  (Or even really attempt to for the most part.)  So sometimes you have to make a best guess, or accept the fact that there is no way it is going to make sense and just let it go. Trust me, I struggle with that. 🙂

The other thing that makes it impossible is guaranteeing every appearance is included.  I am constantly coming across new guest appearances and the like to include.  I will update the chronology to fill in oversights as needed.  Also, be sure to leave a comment if you find something that you think has been overlooked or is incorrect.

I’ve also tried not to slice and dice issues so that you have to read a page from book X then some from book Y then back to X, etc. It happens in a few instances, or I note where it could happen. I value my sanity too much to attempt that.

The chronology will have two components.  First, the raw list of issues beginning with Spider-Man’s first appearance in Amazing Fantasy 15.  Secondly, as I update the list I will do a separate post with my continuity notes that people may or may not care about, but that allowed me to place an issue as accurately as possible. Often times it can be something quite silly like “this issue has to take place after issue X because MJ is wearing a new cool hat”.  Keeping the lists and updates separate will help from making the list too bloated, but also the annotated list is rife with spoilers for future issues. Does anyone really care about spoilers for comics that came out potentially 50 years ago? Probably not. But I tried to create this as if someone was completely new to Spider-Man (i.e. Jenny) and was starting with a clean slate from the beginning.  Yes, this rule gets broken as well.

Without much further ado…the list…

Variant Steve Ditko Amazing Fantasy 15 cover.
Variant Steve Ditko Amazing Fantasy 15 cover.
  1. Amazing Fantasy 15 [Spider-Man story only]
  2. Spider-Man – Mythos 01
  3. Spectacular Spider-Man Magazine 01 [Story 2]
  4. Amazing Spider-Man Family 01 [Story 1]
  5. Amazing Spider-Man Family 03 [Story 1]
  6. Amazing Fantasy 16
  7. Amazing Fantasy 17
  8. Amazing Fantasy 18
  9. Amazing Spider-Man 001
  10. Fantastic Four Annual 01 [Spider-Man story only]
  11. What If? – V1 – 007 – Someone Else Had Been Bitten By The Radioactive Spider
  12. Amazing Spider-Man 002
  13. Peter Parker Spider-Man Annual 2001
  14. Amazing Spider-Man 003
  15. Amazing Spider-Man 004
  16. Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Annual [Story 1]
  17. Amazing Spider-Man 005
  18. Strange Tales Annual 02 [Spider-Man story only]
  19. Amazing Spider-Man 006
  20. What If? – V2 – 072 – Spider-Man Became A Murderer
  21. Untold Tales of Spider-Man 01
  22. Untold Tales of Spider-Man 02
  23. Amazing Spider-Man 007
  24. Strange Tales 115 [Spider-Man story only]
  25. Untold Tales of Spider-Man 03
  26. Amazing Spider-Man 008 [Story 1]
  27. Untold Tales of Spider-Man 04
  28. Amazing Spider-Man 009
  29. What If? – V2 – 076 – Peter Parker Had To Destroy Spider-Man
  30. Amazing Spider-Man 010 [Pages 1 – 5]
  31. Untold Tales of Spider-Man 05
  32. Untold Tales of Spider-Man 06
  33. Untold Tales of Spider-Man 07
  34. Amazing Spider-Man 010 [Pages 6 – 22]
  35. What If? – V1 – 001 – Spider-Man Joined the Fantastic Four
  36. Untold Tales of Spider-Man 08
  37. Untold Tales of Spider-Man 09
  38. Amazing Spider-Man 011
  39. Amazing Spider-Man 012 [Pages 1 – 3]
  40. Untold Tales of Spider-Man 10
  41. Amazing Spider-Man 012 [Pages 4 – 22]
  42. Untold Tales of Spider-Man 11
  43. Untold Tales of Spider-Man 12
  44. Untold Tales of Spider-Man 13
  45. Amazing Spider-Man 013
  46. Spider-Man – Human Torch 01
  47. Untold Tales of Spider-Man 14
  48. Amazing Spider-Man 014
  49. Untold Tales of Spider-Man 15
  50. Untold Tales of Spider-Man 16
  51. Tales to Astonish 057 [Spider-Man story only]
  52. Amazing Spider-Man 015
  53. Sensational Spider-Man Annual 1996
  54. Untold Tales of Spider-Man 17
  55. Amazing Spider-Man 016
  56. Untold Tales of Spider-Man 18
  57. Amazing Spider-Man Annual 001
  58. Untold Tales of Spider-Man – Strange Encounter
  59. Untold Tales of Spider-Man 19
  60. Amazing Spider-Man 017
  61. Amazing Spider-Man 018 [Pages 1 – 2]
  62. Untold Tales of Spider-Man 20
  63. Untold Tales of Spider-Man 21
  64. Amazing Spider-Man 018 [Pages 3 – 22]
  65. Untold Tales of Spider-Man 22
  66. Amazing Spider-Man 019
  67. Amazing Spider-Man 020
  68. Untold Tales of Spider-man 23
  69. Avengers 011
  70. Amazing Spider-Man 021
  71. Amazing Spider-Man 008 [Story 2]
  72. Untold Tales of Spider-Man Annual 1996
  73. Amazing Spider-Man 022
  74. Untold Tales of Spider-Man 24
  75. Amazing Spider-Man 023
  76. Untold Tales of Spider-Man 25
  77. What If? – V1 – 019 – Spider-Man Had Never Become A Crimefighter
  78. Amazing Spider-Man 024
  79. Amazing Spider-Man 025
  80. What If? – V2 – 082 – J. Jonah Jameson Adopted Spider-Man
  81. Webspinners Tales of Spider-Man 07
  82. Webspinners Tales of Spider-Man 08
  83. Webspinners Tales of Spider-Man 09
  84. Amazing Spider-Man 026
  85. Amazing Spider-Man 027
  86. Amazing Spider-Man 028
  87. Amazing Spider-Man Annual 002
  88. Amazing Spider-Man 029
  89. Amazing Spider-Man 030
  90. Amazing Spider-Man 031
  91. Amazing Spider-Man 032
  92. Amazing Spider-Man 033
  93. Spider-Man – Fantastic Four 01
  94. Amazing Spider-Man 034
  95. Amazing Spider-Man 035
  96. Amazing Spider-Man 036
  97. Amazing Spider-Man 037
  98. Daredevil 016
  99. Daredevil 017
  100. Amazing Spider-Man 038
  101. Amazing Spider-Man 039
  102. Amazing Spider-Man 040
  103. Amazing Spider-Man 041
  104. Amazing Spider-Man 042
  105. What If? – V1 – 046 – Spider-Man’s Uncle Ben Had Lived
  106. Amazing Spider-Man 043
  107. What If? – Aunt May Had Died Instead Of Uncle Ben
  108. Amazing Spider-Man Annual 003
  109. X-Men 027
  110. Amazing Spider-Man 044
  111. Amazing Spider-Man 045
  112. Amazing Spider-Man 046
  113. Amazing Spider-Man 047
  114. Daredevil 027
  115. Amazing Spider-Man 048
  116. Amazing Spider-Man 049
  117. Amazing Spider-Man 050


Be on the lookout for further updates coming soon.  And you will always be able to find the Complete Chronology in it’s permanent home under Big Projects in the menu under the Gabbing Geek banner.