June 23, 2024

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A Comic Based On Network TV Series (Watson Goes Into a Coma!)

If there was a product designed for me to hate more than Ryan’s misuse of the phrase “head fake” it was this new offering!

Look, I can enjoy an HBO series or some Netflix binging if it is as amazing as Game of Thrones or Daredevil. I could even moderately enjoy House of Cards or Orange Is The New Black though I stopped watching after one season. But network television? Live action network television? Come on. I haven’t watched a show on a network since Lost (And see how that turned out!) The only thing worse than that is monthly comic books. Now in an anti-Reese’s Peanut Butter cup moment comes this:

In an unexpected coincidence, weeks before James Spader turns a comic book character into a live-action villain, one of his live-action roles is making the journey in the opposite direction, with Titan Comics planning a comic book series based on NBC’s The Blacklist

Now I’ve heard that if I WAS to watch a network show, this is the one. But that’s like saying if I was only going to have One STD, I’d want gonorrhea.
Source: THR