April 18, 2024

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Gabbing Geek Box Office Report- More Furious. The Furiousest!

box office

No tentpole openers this weekend, so the only question was how big Furious 7 would do in its second week.  It was a big drop, but no one at the studio is panicking!

* Coming in first this week was Furious 7, grossing $61M. xxx
* Finishing second with $19M was Home in its third weekend. That’s less than a 30% drop in week 3, so we are seeing a decent hold.  It won’t make enough for a sequel, but the studio will be glad they made it.

* Number three this week was the latest Nicholas Sparks film The Longest Ride with $13.5M.  Contrary to media reports the title is NOT based on the time I thought about baseball and lasted two minutes.


* Pulling in at #4 this week was Get Hard in its third weekend, grossing $8.6M. While this movie is not destined for box office smash success, with a $40M budget this will be chalked up as a wash.

get hard

* Rounding out the top five this week was Cinderella with $7.2M. It crossed the $180M domestic mark this weekend and has a total of $436M overall.  With a (relatively) low budget in the sub-$100M range, this is probably the happiest non-Marvel moment for Disney since Frozen.


Source: BoxOfficeMojo