December 6, 2023

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Actual Casting News!

Nothing about Spider-man this time.
Nothing about Spider-man this time.

OK, April Fool’s Day is over.  Time for some real casting news.

Because there were apparently a few DC villains not already in the movie, Adewale Ankinnuoye-Agbaje has been cast as Killer Croc for the Suicide Squad movie.  Since every couple days there’s a new casting announcement, I am going off the assumption that the movie won’t get made because there are far too many roles still to fill.  You may remember that guy whose name I will not attempt to type a second time let alone attempt to pronounce as Kurse in Thor:  The Dark World, or maybe that role he had in the G.I. Joe movie.  Most likely you’d remember him as Mr. Eko on Lost.  I know Ryan remembers him from that.

Stay tuned for news I am sure is coming but am actually making up, namely Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally are cast as Punch and Jewelee.

But if your vigilante fervor has not been cultivated enough, there’s still word that Arrow star Stephen Amell will be playing Casey Jones in the sequel to this past summer’s nostalgia fest Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Apparently, he had great chemistry with Megan Fox in the audition.  Well, he’s not Shia at any rate.  Plus, he already has plenty of experience playing a guy who got his crime fighting gear at a sporting goods store.

Next we have something that doesn’t sound like a geek movie, but it has a guy geeks adore, so as far as I am concerned, that’s good enough for me.  Hugh Jackman will be playing the lead in Apostle Paul, a Christian movie about, well, the Apostle Paul.  It’s right there in the title.  I don’t know if Paul gets berserker rages or sings and dances, but Jackman can do those things, so he can maybe do other things too.  The guy’s multitalented is what I am saying.

Finally, in something that sounds too weird not to be made up, but it in fact isn’t made up, Christopher Walken has just joined a movie called Nine Lives.  He’ll play a mystical pet shop owner who helps harried businessman Kevin Spacey learn to appreciate life or some such horse pucky after Spacey is turned into a talking cat.  Who is making this nonsense?  Barry Sonnenfeld?  Directing?  Dude who made the Men in Black and Adams Family films?  And Get Shorty?  Actually, that might not be terrible.  At least it’ll have some visual style if the script sucks.  Which, let’s face it, it probably will.  But if someone had to make a Kevin-Spacey-is-a-talking-cat movie, I suppose I can deal with Sonnenfeld.