March 26, 2023

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X-Files Returns To Fox

Not in cartoon form this time.
Not in cartoon form this time.

We here at Gabbing Geek pride ourselves on covering breaking geek news as it comes out.  But, near as I can make out, no one here has seen fit to post how The X-Files is returning for a 6 episode stint to the Fox network with original stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

How did we miss this?  Well, I have my theories.

See, we’re haphazard and disorganized.  Its true.  How else did I get a post up solely to say how much I hate a reality TV show most if not all self-respecting geeks would be either completely unaware of or avoid like the proverbial plague?

Well, the last editorial meeting was a mess.  Ryan was foaming at the mouth about a Ready Player One rumor involving Tommy Wiseau in the lead role.  Watson was convinced the letters in a girlie magazine were all true and he was searching social media for clues about where some of these women lived.  Jenny is three ducks in a woman costume.  Jimmy was almost deported to Poland, which is odd since he’s from Canada.  And me, I was disillusioned to learn the 1984 Jeff Bridges movie Starman was not in any way related to any DC Comics hero by that name and was sunk into a deep blue funk.

Don’t go into deep blue funks.

So, anyway, Fox is bringing back the beloved (except for the last movie and the last season or two) 90s sci-fi series with the two lead actors, one of whom is actually rather busy and not David Duchovny.

Seriously, Gillian Anderson gets a lot of work.  She’s a regular on the TV series Hannibal series this year after having only a reoccurring role in the series up to that point, plus she does a lot of stuff overseas for British television.

So, we’ll be getting more X-Files this fall.  If they can avoid a convoluted conspiracy theory that they’re making up as they go along, and maybe get the atmosphere back, it’ll be fun.  I want to believe…that is possible.  The truth is out there.

And I think I want to rewatch that Simpsons episode that parodies the show now.

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