July 22, 2024

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A Spoiler Filled Walk On The Great Web Of Spider-Verse, Part Seven


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In this installment, we will look at the Spider-Verse Epilogue issues and the cross platform tie-ins.

Spider-Verse Epilouge

Spider-Woman 4

Not a whole lot to see here (the second half of the story is not Spider-Verse related at all).  Spider-Woman, Spider-Gwen, 616 Spider-Girl and Silk tie up some loose ends as they encourage Loomworld’s Jessica Drew to take on a leadership role in the absence of the Inheritors.  No deaths.

Amazing Spider-Man 15

No real surprises here as the epilogue clues things up pretty much as you’d expect.  For the chronology conscious, this issue takes place after the Spider-Verse half of the Spider-Woman #4 epilogue, and before the rest of that issue.

We open with the Spider-Friends (the last time I’ll type that I hope) saying goodbye and making their way back through the Web of Life to their respective universes.  Some smile inducing quips are exchanged and even a subtle plug for the cartoon Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors Spider-Verse tie-in.

In one of the longer sequences, we see Mayday Parker returning home to find that Uncle Ben Spider-Man has brought Benjy there safely as well.  He asks if he can stick around and be something no Ben Parker has ever been before, “a Grandfather”.  May agrees and thanks to all she’s been through, declares herself all grown up.  No longer a Spider-Girl, she’ll be a Spider-Woman…cause we need another of those…two Spider-Women just launched solo books last month!

Oh, and I need to make an adjustment to the list of deaths from Amazing Spider-Man #8…

Deaths: Spider-Man/Peter Parker Earth-982, Mary Jane Watson-Parker Earth-982 (assumed)

Back on Loomworld, Spock decides that he’s going to rewrite history and save Superior from turning back into Amazing, and begins destroying the Web of Life.  With their tickets to the multiverse collapsing, 616 Peter tells all non-616 residents to hit the road while they still can.  He and the other 616 residents will take down Spock.  Spider-Gwen is a little upset because she wants to see how it all plays out, but Spider-Man 2099 tells her it’s all going to be ok because he’s already read the entire Superior Spider-Man run and he knows Peter comes out on top.  She’s cool with that and they head off to their respective series.

As the 616ers take down Spock, Spider-UK (who is NOT from the 616) just kinda hangs out and has a spot of tea.  We learn some interesting facts about Karn and he takes up an important mantle in the Spider-Verse.  And to close the loop, Peter pushes Spock back through the Great Web, across dimensions and time to Superior Spider-Man #19.

Something tells me this might not be the last we've seen of Doctor Octopus...
Something tells me this might not be the last we’ve seen of Doctor Octopus…

Next up, we get our most blatent tie-in yet to Secret Wars.  We’ll forgive Spider-UK for not helping out with Spock as it appears his universe has been destroyed.  He realizes it has been caused by the incursions the Captain Britain Corps had been investigating prior to Spider-Verse.  (In a fantastic piece of editorial timing…or a total coincidence…New Avengers #30, released the same week as this issue, shows the fall of the CBC and their universe.)  With no universe to call his own, Spider-UK decides to stay behind and use the Great Web to travel the multiverse and help those world’s without a Spider-Man.  Cue splash page and promo for new Spider-Verse series launching during Secret Wars.

Karn informs those that remain that his family can survive in the bunker they were banished to on Earth-3145 by eating any animal totems.  And the disappointing Spider-Girl/Uncle Ben story from Spider-Verse Team-Up #3 takes a step up in context.

And as everyone else heads home, we are treated to one last revelation.  I told you this epilogue wrapped up exactly as you’d expect.

Kaine.  It's hard to keep a good clone down.
Kaine. It’s hard to keep a good clone down.

Corporate Synergy

Spider-Man Unlimited Game

I touched on this briefly previously, over the months that Spider-Verse was being published, you could also play Spider-Verse on your phone.  The game began pre-Spider-Verse with a similar concept as the Sinister Six’s across the multiverse were teaming together.  Spider-Man would use a similar portal technology to bring Spider-Men from across the multiverse to help him defeat them.  Along the way, the storyline of Spider-Verse is folded in and boss battles now include the likes of Morlun, Daemos and Jennix.  Big deals are also made of new Spider-Verse characters being introduced into the game.  The game was also the launching point for Spider-Woman’s new costume, months before it would see publication.

The game is a straightforward endless 3-lane runner so I can see people quickly tiring of it.  It can be very repetitive.  But they keep it very fresh with so many different Spidey’s to play as and to collect, and constantly changing goals and events.  I am not much of a mobile gamer but I’ve been, some would say obsessed with this for months.  I lay blame for this squarely on you Mr. Garcia.

Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors

A four episode story arc of this show would share the Spider-Verse name and spirit, but is less of a tie-in than the game.  There are no Inheritors, as the main villian is the Green Goblin as he travels from dimension to dimension looking for Spider-Men.  Unlike the Inheritors killing the Spider-Men and eating their lifeforce, Goblin is just collecting Spider DNA.  When he gets a sample, he moves onto the next dimension.  The first three episodes contain two fairly similar stories each.  Goblin and Spider-Man enter the dimension.  Spider-Man teams up with the Spider-Man of that world and they fight the Goblin, who always seems to get the DNA sample he is looking for.  In the final episode, the Goblin uses the Spider-DNA to make himself more powerful, and all the crossover Spider-Men join up to bring the Goblin down.

Jimmy stop typing

There’s not much left to say.  The comics, game and cartoon are all recommended for any Spider-Man fan.  While the story may have some weaknesses or faults, the fun that is had along the way more than makes up for it.  I’m going to go pass out now…until April…when I try to read all of Convergence and Secret Wars

Speaking of Secret Wars (editor’s note: Jimmy!  I thought you were done!?!?”) it will be interesting to see how all this ties in.  There is a Spider-Verse zone on Battleworld and as mentioned the announced book that will continue the “Spider-Men from across the multiverse team-up” stories.  We still don’t really understand Battleworld, but by the sounds of it, a lot of these Spider-Men that were saved in Spider-Verse ended up dead anyway thanks to the incursions that are destroying the multiverse.  There has to be a feeling of the event all being for naught at the end of the day…but it was so worth it.

Thank God.
Thank God.