February 29, 2024

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In Honor Of St. Patrick's Day, Let's Talk About Friday The 13th

He just loves his mom, is that so wrong?
He just loves his mom, is that so wrong?

Remember last week when we looked at Friday The 13th: The Series and how it had zero to do with all things Friday?  Well it seems a legitimate Friday series is in the works and some details broke over the weekend.

The show is still in development and sounds like it could be a ways away, but according to Friday The 13th creator Sean S. Cunnigham, the CW is “very interested” in picking up the show.  (Jason would make the perfect addition as the misunderstood brooding loner on their Arrow/Flash spin-off team show.)  The CW would be an interesting choice as broadcast standards would limit Friday in the areas that Friday “excels” at, namely horrific violence and nudity.  A HBO or Showtime seem to be more up the alley for this.  Hell, even AMC, where you’d at least get the graphic, graphic violence.  (I’m looking at you last episode of The Walking Dead.)

At least this show will have something to do with the movies, the characters and their history.  Unlike the previous series which just used the Friday The 13th banner to try to draw viewers to a show about a pawn shop.  But before we get ahead of ourselves, we still may not see a hockey mask wearing Jason Voorhees.  Instead, it seems they will go the Wes Craven’s New Nightmare route

The show will take place in a fictional town that is supposed to have inspired the Friday The 13th movies, making it a fictional place that fictionally inspired a real series of films, which in real life were totally fictional, but within the fiction are based on fact. Further complicating matters is the second idea, namely that masked hockey-and-ax-murder enthusiast Jason Voorhees will not be the killer on the show, because on the show he is a fictional character. Instead, the town’s hormonal adolescent populace will be menaced by the “real” Jason, described as a “more serious backwoods-inspired killer.”

Got all that?  My brain hurts too.  It will be interesting to see if they can pull this off (if it ever gets made).  As I said above, New Nightmare attempted a similar “realism” approach and did give us (IMO) one of the better Nightmare on Elm Street sequels.