July 19, 2024

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A Spoiler Filled Walk On The Great Web Of Spider-Verse, Part Five


Be sure to check out the other parts of this series: Part One (Intro/Reading Order) | Part Two (Weaving The Web) | Part Three (Edge of Spider-Verse) | Part Four (Spider-Verse, Part 1)

In this installment, we continue to look at the main Spider-Verse event.

Amazing Spider-Man 11 – Spider-Verse Part 3

Last issue recap: Spock, “I’m the man.”  This issue first page recap: Peter, “Like hell.”

You know what, I surprisingly really liked Superior Spider-Man.  I thought the whole Freaky Friday mind switch with Doc Ock was a horrible gimmick, but I knew one thing to be true: the release of Amazing Spider-Man 2 (aka Man, Electro Sucks…And Don’t Get Me Started On Rhino) was only a year or so away and there was no way in hell that they wouldn’t have Peter back by then.  So instead of losing ones mind and sending death threats to Dan Slott, let’s just see what they do with this.  And it was wonderful.  Please read it.  I think Spock did prove that he was the Superior Spider-Man but not the Superior Hero, which will always be Peter.  The biggest issue with the Superior run was that when it got close to that time to bring Peter back to hype a new #1 to coincide with the movie, it seems like they ran out of time on what they really wanted to do and rushed the ending.  Yeah Peter was back, but a cleaner wrap up for Spock was deserved.  I digress…

A war of words are exchanged leading to the panel that many fans, and definitely Peter Parker have been waiting three years for:

Stop hitting yourself!  Stop hitting yourself!
Stop hitting yourself! Stop hitting yourself!

Spock has the opportunity to kill Peter, but, thinking that this is Peter from his own past, he can’t kill him or he will be killing himself.  Spock’s arrogance does not allow him to see that this is “current” Peter, because Spock can never foresee a time that he would lose and Peter would be back.

Meanwhile, Karn kills the “Great Spider-Wolf of the Lycanshpere” on Earth-13989.  We’re given a bit more background on the Inheritors and the Prophecy of The Bride, The Other and The Scion.  And about Morlun being a big ‘fraidy cat now that 616 Peter “I killed Morlun twice and counting” Parker has entered the mix.

This issue overlaps with Spider-Woman #1 as Peter, Anya and Spider-Gwen head out to help Spider-Man Noir and send Spider-Woman on her mission to Loomworld.  Just before they leave, Peter sends Miles Morales and animated Ultimate Spider-Man off to recruit as many Spiders as possible.  And this is where the fun of Spider-Verse really is.  Like the Hostess and Newspaper strip Spideys mentioned previously, Miles and Ultimate end up in the world of 1960’s “Does whatever a spider can” cartoon Spider-Man.  We only get a tease of it here, and the story continues in Spider-Verse Team-Up #2.

Back in the now formally Safe Zone, Papa Inheritor Solus arrives with Jennix and Morlun.  Captain Spider and Spider-Monkey are quickly dispatched.  (Man, it is all or nothing with these Spider/Inheritor fights.)  Captain Universe Spidey decides to take matters into his own hands, killing Jennix…which just sends him back to his cloning facility where we see Doctors Smythe, Madison and Warren.  Names familiar to those who read anything Spider-Clone related over the years.  Note, these events occur just before the Scarlet Spiders assault on the Baxter Building in Scarlet Spiders #1.

As Captain Universe prepares to unleash the Enigma Force again, Solus shows his “hunger has no limits” and does the “impossible”, absorbing the good Captains life force.  As the Spiders stand around stunned, Solus and Morlun claim their prize, baby Benjy, the Scion.

DeathsSpider-Wolf of Earth-13989 (First and only appearance), Captain Spider aka Flash Thompson Earth-78127 (First appearance What If? #7), Spider-Monkey Earth-8101 (First appearance Amazing Spider-Man Family #1) and Captain Universe Earth-13 (First appearance Amazing Spider-Man #9, note: not the Captain Universe from What If? Vol 2 #31 who is depowered by the end of the issue)


Spider-Verse Team-Up 2

Story 1 – Too Many Spider-Men is what the heart of Spider-Verse is all about.  On Earth-67 (where it is always 1967, ‘natch) Miles Morales and TV’s animated Ultimate Spider-Man attempt to recruit the Spider-Man with the catchiest theme song.  Hilarity ensues until they are attacked by a collection of ’67’s greatest enemies.  The villains are not much of a match for our more modern heroes with the exception of Dr. Noah Boddy!  No deaths.


Story 2 – Spider-Gwen attempts to recruit Peter Parker of Earth-21205.  In this reality, like many others, Peter has watched Gwen Stacey die.  In this case, it drove him mad enough to kill Norman Osborn and eventually become the Hobgoblin.  He is eventually redeemed by sacrificing himself to save Spider-Gwen from the Inheritor Verna.

Deaths: Peter Parker – Hobgoblin Earth-21205 (First and only appearance)

Scarlet Spiders 2

Picking up immediately from last issue, the Stealthy Scarlet Spiders infiltrate the Baxter Building and discover at least a thousand Inheritor clones.  Ben Reilly and Kaine also discover a room full of failed Peter Parker clones as Jennix admits that he has yet to be successful in cloning the spider essence.  But with two successful clones now in his parlor, Jennix’s experiments are about to get much more interesting.  No deaths.

Spider-Woman 2

Jessica Drew’s new mission begins on Loomworld where she is mistaken for their resident Jessica Drew.  It’s an easy mistake.  They wear the exact same outfit, except 616 Jessica wears a mask.  The Loomworld Jessica Drew is a servant of the Inheritors and this allows 616 Jess to get close to Morlun.

Meanwhile, Silk is running from world to world trying to escape from Brix and Bora.  By accident she stumbles upon Earth-3145.  A post apocalyptic world that still has dangerously high levels of radiation.  And while Silk is affected, the Inheritors are in agony instantly and reveal it as “the one place in the multiverse we can’t follow”.  No deaths.

Amazing Spider-Man 12 – Spider-Verse Part 4

(This issues picks up immediately after Amazing #11, overlaps Spider-Man 2099 #7, and overlaps with Spider-Woman #2-3.)

The Inheritors Safe Zone attack continues as Prince of Arachne and Arachnosaur are killed and Morlun escapes with Benjy to Loomworld.  During the chaos, Peter and his team return…with a friend…

Hells Yeah!
Hells Yeah!

As awesome as that is, Solus snacked on Captain Universe, so some Japanese robot is of little concern to him.  The spider crew escape to Earth-8847, where dinosaurs still roam.  Before the Inheritors can attack again Peter gets those not reading crossover issues Spider-Woman #2-3 and Spider-Man 2099 #7 up to speed.  As the Inheritors arrive and kill Betty Brant Spider-Girl, Silk contacts 616 Peter to inform him of the new safe zone that the Inheritors cannot enter.  The Spiders escape and make their way to Eziekel’s bunker that Silk is holding up in, only to discover it has another resident…Uncle Ben!

Deaths: Prince of Arachne Earth-71004 (First appearance Spider-Man: Fairy Tales #4), Arachnosaur Earth-99476 (First appearance Excalibur #51) and Betty Brant Spider-Girl Earth-78227 (First appearance What If? #7)


Spider-Man 2099 7

(This issue takes place pretty much immediately after Spider-Man 2099 #6 and overlaps with Amazing Spider-Man #12.)

As Spider-Man 2099 and Lady Spider get to dissecting the former body of Daemos, current Daemos is confined by an energy field, .  Unfortunately, when you have no fear of death (thanks again cloning technology) an energy field that will kill you before you can escape isn’t much of a deterrent.  Daemos commits “suicide” and is minutes later seen racing back after our Amazing Friends, until he is distracted by another popular inhabitant of 2099.

Shit just got real.
Shit just got real.

Thanks to the time bought them by The Punisher, Spider-Man 2099 and Lady Spider manage to escape back to the Earth-13 safe zone…or what’s left of it…

On the plus side, Captain Universe is looking better than the last time we saw him.
On the plus side, Captain Universe is looking better than the last time we saw him.

Deaths: None, but a whole lotta corpses from Amazing Spider-Man #11-12

Up next in Part Six: wrapping up the main event.