December 1, 2022

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Is There Life as We DON'T Know It on Titan?


I’ve long theorized that scientists had it wrong when they insisted life had to exist in the so-called “habitable zones” because life as we know it could ONLY survive there.  How arrogant of us to apply our understanding of the universe to what happens on Earth.  Unfortunately, no one listened to me because my understanding of science is sketchy at best.  Honestly, I don’t even understand how Edison’s record player worked.  But now, some smart people have modeled what life as we DON’T know it might look like so things are going my way.

According to IFLScience:

Astronomers looking for signs of extraterrestrial life (and places where mankind might colonize one day) focus on the habitable zone, a narrow area around the sun where liquid water can exist. However, if cells weren’t based on water but on methane—which has a much lower freezing point—could “life” exist in extremely cold worlds like Saturn’s moon Titan? The giant moon is spotted with seas of liquid methane and has no oxygen available for the formation of a lipid bilayer membrane.

This is great but let’s not poke around there too much.  Everything I know about science indicates that if we mess around with Titan too much, we will incur the wrath of Mad God of Titan, and let’s just say that isn’t good for any us.  My real fear is that someone tells Dubya they have oil on Titan!

I played Dubya AND Thanos!
I played Dubya AND Thanos!

All of this leads to inevitable follow up:  what life exists on Uranus?

Stop it with the gerbil jokes, already!
Stop it with the gerbil jokes, already!



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