July 21, 2024

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Gabbing Geek Oscar Reax!


What a night last night.  Want to know who shined and who stunk?  Read on!

You’ve read the list of winners.  Here in stream of consciousness format, are some of our thoughts:

Overall Impressions

  • Watson- Clue!  In the monologue!  Greatest moment in Oscar history!  Good shot, Green.  Very good…  Nothing else matters…
  • Ryan- Wait, Clue was in the monologue?  I don’t recall that.  Huh.  You sure about that?
  • Jenny – NPH looks good tonight, I’d put him on the #Jenny30, but even I know when something’s a long shot (And not a good shot….Green). And thanks NPH for making Watson’s night with the Clue reference, seeing Ryan’s face of disdain was totally worth it.

Focus on the Monologue

  • Watson- Clue!  Ok.  I’ll put that aside for a second and say that we were right.  NPH is immediately in the all time great pantheon of Oscar hosts!  This man is a national treasure. The song and dance moments.  Jack Black.  Anna Kendrick.   Plus…CLUE!
  • Ryan- For those of who watch the Tony Awards, this was called an opening.  But hey, Oscar watchers, here’s what putting on a live show looks like!
  • Jenny – That was fun! I got to see Cinderella and Stormtroopers in one musical number. I’m happy.

The Night’s Biggest Surprise

  • Watson- Big Hero 6 winning Best Animated Feature was a pleasant surprise.  It really was a nice picture.  Then again, I was sitting right next to Ryan when the Clue thing happened.  He seemed surprised.  I was not.
  • Ryan- The urine stain on the rug under where you were sitting begs to differ.  It also begs to be cleaned.  Like now.
  • Jenny – Other than Michael Keaton not winning the Oscar? I’d have to say it was watching Lady Gaga sing a tribute to The Sound Of Music. I don’t care what anyone says, that was awesome.

The Least Surprising Moment

  • Watson- JK Simmons won every single award in the season.  He deserves to call himself an Oscar Winner.
  • Ryan- All the acting awards, actually.  No surprises on any of them.
  • Jenny – Benedict Cumberbatch looked amazing…. as always. No surprise there.

The Person in the In Memoriam That You Didn’t Know Was Dead

  • Watson – Jon Lovitz. That was a shocker.
  • Ryan- The person who picked out what Robin Williams photo to run through the pastels filter on Photoshop.  Because if they’re not dead now, they will be.
  • Jenny – Huh….didn’t see Joan Rivers in there, that’s odd.

Worst Dress of the Evening

  • Watson and Ryan- Huh?  We are a geek site; not US Magazine. Piss off!
  • Ryan- Speaking of piss, seriously, the rug…
  • Jenny – The boys didn’t pay attention. BUT I DID! Worst dress of the evening goes to Laura Poitras who won best documentary for Citizenfour. People, people, people.  That’s a neoprene dress, with leather lace-up gloves, and platform biker boots underneath. No. Just no. You’re a lovely, smart woman. But that was a terrible decision for a dress, and it needs to go.

Oscar’s WTF Moment

  • Watson – Linklater getting shut out of the top two.  I figured if the split I predicted didn’t happen it was because Boyhood swept them.  Boyhood didn’t even win editing!
  • Jenny – Is John Travolta still a thing?
  • Ryan – Going from one of the most amazing Oscar performances ever (Glory, in case you have no soul and missed it) and one of the best acceptance speeches ever (again, Glory) to one of the whitest things ever broadcast.  I mean that on many levels.  The producers decided to stick a tribute to The Sound of Music right after the Glory performance/speech and have it last longer than Glory.  Because forget celebrating 50 years of the Selma march–we’ve got singing white people to celebrate.  So they put Lady Gaga on stage in all white, between all white trees, against a white background, with an orchestra dressed in all white, singing Sound of Music.  I’m a musical fan but this was a tad insensitive, I thought.  How white was the performance, you may ask?  Here’s a picture:








Final Thoughts

  • Watson – Ryan and his wife came to my house for the Oscar dinner I hosted and gave my MOM an award for best hostess because she comes in town to cook.  Even though it makes sense because her food is amazing, it was slightly hurtful.  After all, it was ME that made the alcohol punch called “Blinding Vivian Maier”!!!
  • Ryan – The Everything is Awesome performance was a great reminder on why the Academy was right to not nominate it for Animated Feature.  Every joke fell flat.
  • Jenny – Glad to see Glory get all the glory (no pun intended). The performance between John Legend and Common was spectacular. And might I add, I’m not surprised to call John Legend an Oscar winner, but now we have to say the same about Common. Think about that for a minute.