February 29, 2024

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Gabbing Geek Box Office Report


The story this week is all about the drop off of Fifty Shades. How’d it do? Let’s see…

Though it held the top spot with $23.2m, it’s clear most people who wanted to see Fifty Shades of Grey, went opening weekend. The flick dropped 73% week over week! Makes you wonder how successful the sequel will be?
The Kingsman held up well with $17.5 million dropping only 52%, a passable hold for a genre film. I saw it this weekend and thought it was a nice franchise opportunity. For that to happen, overseas numbers need to be strong unless the week 3 hold is this good. I’m not optimistic.
SpongeBob continues to have legs pulling in $15.5 million for a drop of only 49%. This one is really taking advantage of a dearth of kid friendly offerings.
McFarland, USA is running ahead among the new releases with $11.3 million. With a low budget the studios are happy with that cume. Honestly this is the kind of movie that will eventually debut on Netflix.
The DUFF earned $11 million, which isn’t bad for what is essentially an ABC Family movie shown in the theater.
American Sniper is still pumping out cash earning $10 million in its ninth week in wide release. This movie was made for only $60m so according to Hollywood accounting, it only lost $250m!


The pool is closed due to a turd in the Hot Tub Time. The sequel that no one wanted earned just $5.8 million. Not Mordecai bad, but bad!