June 22, 2024

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The Walking Dead Stinks!

"Does this smell funny to you?"
“Does this smell funny to you?”

MTV.com posted an interesting interview with two doctors with regards to what the world of the Walking Dead would smell like. Long story short, you’re probably not going to survive very long because you’ll be to busy throwing up on yourself to get away.

The catalyst for these interviews was the often used human tactic of smearing zombie guts on yourself to blend in and avoid attack.  According to these doctors, you could probably never get through even putting it on yourself without vomiting uncontrollably.    Similarly, just getting up close and personal and having to fight off a zombie would smell so disgusting you would be vomiting on them and praying for death.  (I’m sure all this vomiting is not going to help with the general smell of the Earth either.)

But fear not, if you have no sense of smell or have worked in a slaughterhouse, you might be ok.

In summary: The walking dead of “The Walking Dead” would stink so badly that you’d always be able to smell a herd coming — but the world of “The Walking Dead” would stink so badly, generally, that all the most effective zombie-slayers would be better off having no sense of smell at all.

And having thrown out some meat this morning that had just expired, I find it kinda hard to argue with this.