July 15, 2024

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Poll: Spidey Will Be In the MCU. Will the MCU Be In Spidey.


Last week, we learned Marvel and Sony struck a deal to let Spidey play in the MCU teamup films.  This means a reboot of Spidey and new solo films in 2017.  In this week’s Gabbing Geek podcast, Ryan said while it may be the same actor and origin, there will be NO bleedover references to the MCU in the Spider-Man stand alone.

I thought that was ludicrous; surely there will be some acknowledgment of the MCU in the standalone.  Maybe even an appearance by an MCU character.  Maybe Nick Fury checking in on Mr. Parker, perhaps?

So what do you think, Gabbing Geekers?  Who will win the lunch bet when Spider-Man opens July 28, 2017?

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