January 21, 2022

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"X-Soup" Casts a New Nightcrawler



Jenny has complained several times on the Gabbing Geek podcast about how Batman v Superman is turning into Batsoup with all the characters being cast.  Maybe X-Men:  Apocalypse is the next soup du jour, because after ALL the casting news of late on the next franchise installment featuring the mutie scum, we now have a new Nightcrawler.

  Per Bryan Singer’s Instagram account it is Kodi Smith McPhee of Apes and The Road fame (that is two different films, not one hilarious buddy comedy about a man and his monkey).



While I join Instagram poster mtddesigns thinking this actor is a “Sweeeeeeeeeeet!” addition to any film, when is enough, enough?  How many people will this cast hold before the ship goes down?  We already have the main First Class characters, a new Jean/Scott/Storms, Oscar Isaac, and rumors that McKellen and Rose Byrne will return.  That’s a lot of star power to find screen time.

I won’t even get into my frustration that the X-Men didn’t find Nightcrawler until he was an adult in X2, because I know you will say “time travel made anything possible” and I will hate Jimmy Impossible…


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