May 23, 2024

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Here's What Spidey Joining The Marvel Cinematic Universe Means

The official team picture from Marvel.
The official team picture from Marvel.

Sure, we explained what was happening over three weeks ago but now the news is official from Marvel.  Because Marvel doesn’t want you to sleep they just put out two very interesting press releases that has some huge implications for the MCU and geeks everywhere.

First, Marvel announced that Spidey was joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  He will appear in an MCU movie first then go on to have his own standalone film on July 28, 2017.  That’s an interesting date because it’s when Thor: Ragnarok is set for release–or rather, it was because Marvel quickly put out a second press release saying four MCU movies were changing their release dates.   Thor 3 moves from Spidey’s date to November 3, 2017.  Black Panther will move to July 6, 2018.  Captain Marvel moves to November 2, 2018.  And the Inhumans movie moves to July 12, 2019.  Infinity War remains unchanged with Part 1 on May 4, 2018 and Part 2 on May 3, 2019.

What does this all mean?  We’ll learn more as the story continues to develop, but here are the big points:

  • Sony gets some nice wins here.  Not only will Spidey get some MCU love but the standalone Spider-Man movie gets Kevin Feige joining the production team so the chances of it sucking have greatly reduced.  Amy Pascal is also co-producing after being ousted as Chairman, presumably so she can send more snarky emails.
  • Spider-Man will be in Captain America: Civil War.  This isn’t 100% but it sure seems that way.  The press announcement says Spidey will be in an MCU film before his standalone film in 2017.  That means one of four films: Avengers Age of Ultron (as we speculated, but it’s still highly unlikely), Ant-Man (makes no sense), Civil War, and Doctor Strange.  Of all those films only Civil War makes sense–and not even as the comic book Civil War had Spidey but in the way Latino Review first reported.
  • Latino Review nailed it.  We reported on their story back in mid-January and it seems like they absolutely nailed this huge announcement.  Which also means that they probably nailed the direction of the story and how Spidey will be included.  Since that story has some significant details about Cap 3 and the rest of the MCU, I think it’s fair to keep it linked for now, but those details won’t be kept under wraps for long.
  • The Inhumans probably aren’t cosmic. Given that Marvel so easily moved the Inhumans film in between the two parts of the Infinity War, I think that’s a clear indication the movie is completely unrelated to the War. In the comics the Inhumans were part of the cosmic segment and it would have made sense to include them in a cosmic war with Thanos. This move seems to confirm they are sticking with a more Earth-based Inhumans movie, perhaps closer to the storyline developed in Agents of SHIELD from this last fall. Or else they are rewriting the entire movie to really be Infinity War part 1.5. But that’s doubtful.

This is great, great news, everyone.  Let’s all go spin a web and think about what just happened.