July 21, 2024

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May The A-Force Be With You. (Or No Star Wars/Marvel Crossover For You!)

No Watson, the A is not a reference to their cup size.
No Watson, the A is not a reference to their cup size.

Well, it was a fun 12 hours or so of speculation, but one of the classified zones on Battleworld will not be the Star Wars universe.  The “Force” in Marvel’s announcement is not Midicholrian based, but in reference to A-Force…which I guess is some amalgamation of Avengers and X-Force.  By the looks of the cover, it is a team led by She-Hulk and comprised of, well, seems like every female hero in the Marvel Universe.  Girl Power!

Of note as well is the Secret Wars branding and the “old School” appearances of some of the characters.  Take Rouge for example.  And keep in mind that one of the zones on Battleworld is the 90’s animated X-Men series.  Also curious why Spider-Woman is in her current threads when they are hyping the hell out of her upcoming costume change?

So what major Marvel females are missing from the cover?  Angela comes to mind.  Sue Storm. Probably a boatload of other X-Women.  Let us know who else you think should be represented?