April 1, 2023

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Having A Geek Tattoo – Or What Jenny Likes to Call "Having Brass Balls"


Okay – this is not an article on “how” to get a geek tattoo. There are many Tattoo Resources you can find online to give you information on the process of getting a tattoo. This is more of an article about the millions of people who are brave enough to get a geek tattoo. I mean, let’s face it – you have to have brass balls to get a geek tattoo. It’s not your typical “whoops, I did that in college after a drunken night of LARPing” – well, maybe it is. My point being, that you better really LOVE that geek property, because guess what – IT’S GOING TO BE THERE FOREVER! Well maybe not forever, you could easily pay for a Tattoo removal, but that is expensive and also a geek tattoo is AWESOME!

Tattoos fascinate me. Mainly because I don’t have the cojones to permanently ink myself. I did however have many piercings at one time – of which we don’t speak about – but they were a good time. Anyway, I digress. I remember the first time I saw someone with what I considered a “geek” tattoo. Immediately I was like – OMG, THAT IS AWESOME – and then I thought to myself, oh wow – they have [insert any geek icon] on their body forever. I hope they love it in 50 years as much as they love it now. But who cares? Right? I mean, this is a free nation, and we’re allowed to do whatever we want to our bodies – so screw it! GO FOR GOLD!

Some people start small and get something cute, like this:

Geek Tattoos - 8 Bit Megaman Video Game Tattoo



And other people up the ante immediately, and go for a more direct approach, like this:





And then there are some people that just say SCREW IT and go all out:







Geek Tattoos - Star Wars Backpiece Tattoo




To those of you that go all out. I salute you. I wish I had the money, patience, and passion for the geek icon you have chosen to forever etch into your body. I think it’s beautiful art! I truly do! It’s amazing what Tattoo Artists can do these days. Their level of coloring and shading have to be exquisite to be able to pull off some of the portraits you see above. And honestly, if I wasn’t so flip-floppy about “what my new favorite thing” is every month, then I probably would have a geek tattoo. Hell – I promote it! I think they are awesome.

BUT – and there is a big but… (not excluding my own behind) … when does the geek tattoo go too far? I wonder if we in the geek society have an obligation to our fellow geeks to let them know when something is…how might I say this delicately… lame? And I hate to say that, because tattoos are personal, and geek culture is all-inclusive and accepting. But don’t you feel like some people either lost a bad bet, or really don’t have a clue? I don’t want to make fun of anyone’s life choices, I don’t want to poke fun at others for the sake of a good laugh, but I do have to question people’s taste at times.





Like, GEEK LIFE forever, yo!

And that’s just it. This IS a geek life forever. I would love to see and hear about some of the cool tattoos you have gotten, or what you would like to get. If I had all the monies, I’d totally do some old Japanese style lotus geek thingy. I can’t even explain it – but maybe something like this:


I know, I know – I’m that kind of crazy. But come on… ALL THE PRETTY COLORS! Alright faithful readers and those of you that have tattoos, geek or not, may I say to you “Live Long and Prosper” because you are braver than I – and I salute you!

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