July 23, 2024

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Your Weekly Update On All Things Multiverse (Or Are Secret Wars And Convergence Out Yet?)



As we trek ever closer to the big 2015 events for Marvel and DC (editor’s note: do not call them reboots!), more and more pieces are falling into place and coming into focus.

Up first, CBR has released a nicely compiled Guide to Understanding DC Comics’ Convergence. Including background on the three main time periods that the event will be revisting: Crisis, Zero Hour and Flashpoint. DC has set up each week of this event to focus on one of those time periods so you can pick your favorite and roll with it. They finish by touching on what everyone is wondering…what happens after this event? Is it a reboot (editor’s note: hey!  What did I just tell you!?!) or is it back to status quo of the New 52?

Switching over to Marvel, they started filling in some of the blanks on their Secret Wars Battleworld Interactive Map.  (The map is very cool.  Be sure to click through to it.)

In short:

  • Egyptia – The new Sphinx uses the power of the Ka stone to alter reality to his own choosing, and the New Warriors find themselves in a world where Egypt has ruled for thousands of years. The Avengers are led by Captain Assyria, and their main foe is the Mutant Liberation Alliance, a group of freedom fighters led by Magneto, Juggernaut and Sebastian Shaw.
  • The Regency ONE MORE DAY – In his darkest hours, Peter has always had one person who’d remind him of who he is…now, he’s about to lose that person. What would he do, what would you do, if you only had “One More Day”?
  • New Quack CityHOWARD THE DUCK – Cry fowl! Trapped in a world he never made, the quirky, downright filthy Howard the Duck is set to take a stand and quack at anyone who gets in his way.
  • 2099MARVEL 2099 – In the year 2099, the Marvel Universe proves that there will always be a need for heroes. In this dystopian future, society is ruled by corporate entities and it is harder than ever to rise above the status quo. But there is hope in a new age of Marvels. Jump through time to the year 2099, and see what lies on the horizon for your favorite heroes.
  • Hala FieldCAPTAIN MARVEL – Hero! Pilot! Avenger! Captain Marvel, Earth’s Mightiest Hero with death-defying powers and an attitude to match, is back and launching headfirst into a new role – Squadron leader of the interstellar defense team, the Carol Corp!
  • The WastelandsOLD MAN LOGAN – In the future, Logan lives a quiet life. That is until an old friend shows up to ask a favor of him. On a journey across America, the mutant Wolverine will become a hero once again…
  • PerfectionAGE OF ULTRON – Ultron has taken over. Armies of his all-powerful drones patrol the wreckage that once was New York City, destroying every living thing in sight. Together, Wolverine and the Invisible Woman will make a last ditch effort to save all of existence, but will their time-travel mission end up tearing the timestream apart?
  • New XandarTHE INFINITY GAUNTLET – For Thanos, the Infinity Gauntlet was the ultimate prize to be coveted above all else. With it came omnipotence. Now, it’s up to Earth’s super heroes to make a desperate attempt at thwarting this mad god’s insane plunge into galactic self-destruction.

Also, Marvel has announced that Spider-Man 2099 will be cancelled and replaced by a new book with the same creative team: Secret Wars 2099.


IGN mentions that Spider-Man’s story will continue in this book, but there is no official word in the Marvel solicits that reflect this, as the focus seems to be on the 2099 Avengers.  With 2099 and numerous other Spider-Man related zones on Battleworld, I’m sure Spider-Man 2099 will still be around somewhere.