June 20, 2024

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"Of Course, The Biggest Hurdle To Overcome With A ‘GoBots’ Movie Is That GoBots Suck."

GoBots are awesome!  Ad-copy would never lie to us!
GoBots are awesome! Ad-copy would never lie to us!

Seeing the most God awful film about transforming robots make a billion dollars worldwide has gotten Hasbro thinking.  “You know what we need?  A movie based on even crappier transforming robots.  The kids will eat this stuff up.”

According to Transformers World:

Hasbro has applied for a new Go-Bots trademark (this is not a renewal) under “distribution of motion pictures, ongoing television programs” and “Toys, games and playthings, namely, toy vehicles and accessories for use therewith”

I think ScreenCrush sums up most people’s thoughts about this:

Of course, the biggest hurdle to overcome with a ‘GoBots’ movie is that GoBots suck. They’ve always sucked. The kids who got GoBots for Christmas were the ones getting laughed at by Transformers fans on the playground.

Any big GoBot fans out there besides Watson?