February 23, 2024

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Ms. Marvel vs. Racism: Kamala Khan Fighting The Good Fight In San Fransisco


In case you’ve missed out on the reboot of the new Ms. Marvel, let me briefly catch you up. You see – the new Ms. Marvel is not the Ms. Marvel of old. She’s not the big breasted blonde bombshell that you may remember. She’s not even mistaken for a 20 something sex symbol. The new Ms. Marvel is a statement of organic change, strength, and aptitude in a young teenager – who in this case – happens to be muslim. And what she’s doing now as a comic is helping stamp out racism from your hearts to your homes, and on to buses everywhere.

An tip was sent in to the Mary Sue that racist advertisements promoting hatred against Muslims were currently being ran on buses in San Francisco. These terrible ads were purchased by the American branch of the Freedom Defence Initiative – who are classified as a known Hate Group in the United Kingdom.

But to counter those terrible ads, Ms. Marvel fans started to plaster up counter measures like you see below:





It’s fitting that Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel) lead the battle cry against racism by asking people to “stop the hate.” As a Ms. Marvel reader, I can attest to the character’s core strength and love for her family, but more importantly, her community. She is the voice of the weak, the voice of reason for the prideful, and her humble demeanor exemplifies that we are all just human.

The campaign against these ads caught the attention of Ms. Marvel writer G. Willow Wilson, where she tweets to her followers to “spread the love:”


Well – we heard you loud and clear Ms. Wilson – and we’re doing our part to spread the love and not the hate. And for any of you questioning if Ms. Marvel is a great comic, I implore you that it is. Go check it out if you haven’t already, and see for yourself the power that change can bring.