September 29, 2022

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We Knew JLo Was Terrible, But Damn!

NOT an Oscar....
NOT an Oscar….

Jennifer Lopez has a movie opening this weekend (Even I won’t see it unless it hits the discount cinema at a time where I’m feeling incredibly masochistic) and so Rotten Tomatoes did its routine write up of her ten best reviewed movies all time. The results were not impressive!

JLo only has THREE movies in the Fresh category. To provide some context, it takes 60% of critics to like a film to be fresh. Anything lower that that is Rotten.

Pictured: Ms. Lopez’s body of work


JLo has one undeniably acclaimed film, Out of Sight starring George Clooney and directed by Stephen Soderbergh. That one earned a brilliant 93%.

Crticially acclaimed, Oscar winning actor, George Clooney


Her other two fresh films, Selena and Blood and Wine, just eeked out a Fresh rating in the low 60s. All the rest are real stinkers. 

To bring home the point, I’ll leave you with this nugget: Maid In Manhatten is in her Top Ten.

Like Pretty Woman but without the charm of a prostitute



JLo’s Top Ten Films at Rotten Tomato

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