December 4, 2023

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Is Johnny Depp Destroying His Career On Purpose?


For a decade, Johnny Depp was box office gold. In the Pirate films, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and Alice In Wonderland, the always eclectic Mr Depp found a way to blend his art house edge with box office gold. Seems those days are over.

Depp hasn’t had a hit he carried in a while (Pirates 4 in 2012). In fact, he’s had some big budget bombs and his latest film Mortdecai will not be his salvation.

If not, Mortdecai, which is getting negative reviews, would be the third straight flop for Depp in a starring role, after 2014’s Transcendence, which cost $100 million and made $23 million domestic ($103 million worldwide), and 2013’s The Lone Ranger, which cost $250 million-plus and grossed just $89 million domestic ($261 million worldwide). He did appear in a brief sequence in Into the Woods, which has grossed $116 million domestic, and his star power, along with Meryl Streep‘s, helped get the film made.

I’m not giving him credit for Woods. That’s Meryl carrying that movie.

Didn’t see YOU on the poster, Donnie Brasco!


The next thing you know, he’ll pair off with Kevin Smith and do a film called Yoga Hosers.  Depp is on the verge of heading back to his pre-Pirate rep as an actor who didn’t like the mainstream. No more matinee idol press promotions.  No more Tonight Show appearances.  No more red carpet premieres.  Hmm. Maybe he’s doing this on purpose. Could Johnny Depp be so tired of being a movie star instead of an actor that he is intentionally picking weird scripts to get people to leave him alone?  This HAS to be on purpose.  You can’t go that far off the deep end by accident. This is career self-destruction as performance art.  I have no doubt Tim Burton is involved somehow…

Uh-oh! Watson figured it out!



Quote from: THR