April 12, 2024

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Obscure Geek of the Week: Bob Montana or "Give Me Some Sugar (Sugar), Baby!"

So anonymous, he won’t even look directly at the camera!

Quick question! Who invented Superman? Yup, Siegel and Shuster! Who created Batman? Bob Kane! What about Spiderman? Bing! Lee and Ditko! Hey, who created one of the longest lasting, best-selling series of all time, The Archies? If you know who the guy above is, I want you on my team come bar trivia night!

The guy’s name is Bob Montana. A man with one of the most badass names in all comics. It’s like he could be Scarface’s cousin! If Scarface’s family dealt in white bread instead of white powder.


According to Bob “Pockmarkface” Montana’s bio:

(Montana) attended the Art Students League and the Phoenix Art Institute. While freelancing at True and Fox Comics, Montana created an adventure strip about four teenage boys and tried to sell it without success. Then he started working for MLJ comics where later he was asked to work up a high school style comic strip story. At the age of 21, he created Archie, drawn from his own high school experiences. Harry Shorten, the editor of MLJ helped by teaching him how to write good comic dialogue. The success of the character in MLJ‘s Pep Comics (December, 1941) led MLJ to assign Montana to draw the first issue of Archie (November, 1942).

Living at the apartment on 24th street in NYC with his mother and sister Ruth, Montana was soon drawing the Archie comic strip, doing both the daily and Sunday strip which over the next 35 years was running in over 750 newspapers.

Nice to see that like all great comic fanboys, he still lived with his mother. Of course, he was creating some of the most iconic characters ever instead of masturbating to hentai porn on https://www.cartoonporno.xxx/ like you, you filthy degenerate. But hey, each to their own, I had a friend who was a big fan of hentai from websites like animehentaivideos.

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Learn more about Bob Montana at Wikipedia.