April 19, 2024

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Spidey Joining Avengers? This Will Give You Chills!

Do we dare to dream?
Do we dare to dream?

Latino Review is reporting that there is a deal in place (link has many spoilers) to have Spider-Man return to the Marvel fold for the Avengers Infinity War movies.  The article has a rumored spoiler ending for Captain America: Civil War that paves the way for Spider-Man to join the team in the first Infinity War film and…it’s pretty convincing.  Latino Review has missed some calls but they’ve also nailed some huge ones, like the direction of the DC cinematic universe long before anything was official.  So take it all with a grain of salt, but take your grain of salt with a grain of salt too.

Personally, I love the possible direction and if the deal is in place I want you to imagine this and tell me it doesn’t give you chills.  There have been a lot of rumors going around that the Avengers will be very different after Age of Ultron.  Some say by the end of the movie some Avengers will be dead or shot into space (yeah, we’re looking at you Sad Hulk).  So imagine the team is damaged.   Significantly.  But Ultron has proved there is a need for a team like this.

They will rebuild.  They will form a new team.  We may see shots of some announced characters as potential candidates.  Doctor Strange.  Black Panther. Hell, even old Ant-Man could make an appearance.  And then, just as we’re left with Tony surveying the damage he has caused (by building Ultron) and the greater devastation he prevented (by destroying Ultron) he says:

“And there may be more out there.  People friendly to our cause.”

And in the air behind and above him we see him.  Spider-Man.  Swinging and landing on the building, watching these Avengers.

The screen goes black and the audience GOES NUTS!

I don’t even care if it happens for real.  It’s happening in my mind RIGHT NOW!  It’s awesome.

It is interesting to imagine Spidey coming in for Infinity War–seemingly the one storyline he’s the least capable of assisting in given his powers.  But at least he’ll be more useful than Hawkeye.