October 4, 2022

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Geek Out On Shimmer Tats


Okay, so why in the world am I posting about temporary tattoos? Well, let’s just say that every now and again, something will catch my eye that makes me geek out. And right now, it’s shimmer tattoos! What the hell is a shimmer tattoo you ask? Good question!

Hell if I know! I kid, I kid. Shimmer tattoos are temporary tattoos that are metallic in nature, and usually replicate or accentuate gold or silver jewelry.

I first saw these crazy tats at a music festival here in Austin (Austin City Limits to be exact). And it was this weird awkward moment where everyone below the age of 20 knew what these things where but me. The sure sign that I’m getting old. But in the geek world, we all know that you’re never too old to geek out on the things you love. AND I LOVE SHINY THINGS! I mean, look at all the ways you can sport these puppies:

Interested in learning more about these mini works of art? Check out Something Silver and Shimmer Tatts, they’ve both got some great decals for you to choose from.

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