August 16, 2022

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What Star Wars Sequel? I Don't Know What You're Talking About!


Back when George Lucas was making the sequels to Star Wars (the original one), he was able to keep a lot of things secret simply by filming under an alternate title like Blue Harvest (which sounds like the title of a 90’s era softcore porn thriller starring Shannon Tweed that you’d probably be able to find on somewhere like if you looked hard enough). Today, with the interwebs, camera phones, and the hula hoop all the rage, it has gotten a lot harder! Time to bring in the lawyers!!!!

Domhnall Gleeson who, as a redheaded British actor was legally required by the Tony Blair administration to play a Weasley sibling, surely had some pressure to keep secrets involving the final two Harry Potter films (of course for the 10,000 people who had read the obscure book on which those films were based, I guess the car was out of the bag.

Gleason said of Episode 7 security:

“I would say it’s the most secrecy I’ve had to work with, just because you have to sign so many things,” Gleeson told the Radio Times, referring to the number of nondisclosure documents all the actors and crew had to sign. Gleeson, though, was happy to keep secrets after working on the film and seeing the passion for the project on set.

“Once I got to set, the way J.J. [Abrams] was working and the love, the genuine love for Star Wars that was everywhere on set — it made me want to protect those secrets,” he said.

The first rule of Episode 7, you do not talk about Episode 7. The second rule of Episode 7, no cutoff jean shorts on casual Fridays.


Gleason is one of the few actors whose character hasn’t even been revealed yet. Apparently he’s doing his job well! Will the rest of the cast hold up the mystery until December?

“Look, guys. The secrecy rule doesn’t prevent you from admitting you were the one who farted…”


Source: THR

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