February 24, 2024

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Ten Movies to Watch in 2015


2014 is behind us, so enough jabber about last year’s movies.  2015 is here.What are the 10 tentpoles movies that pique my curiosity in the New?  Let’s take a look.

10.  SpongeBob: Sponge Out of Water-

Patrick looks like me without my shirt on…

I am a sucker for SpongeBob.  He just makes me laugh.  This entry, due out February 6th, hands onto the dry land and into the realm of CGI.  I look for this to occupy the real estate occupied by Lego Movie last year but not to do quite that much at the ticket window.  I’m thinking this one grosses $80M in North America.

9.  The Fantastic Four-

“Let’s play it safe with the FF the casting” said no one at Fox….

This one tilts from “I really want to see this because I think it is gonna be amazing” to “I really want to see this because I think I may have to testify at the Hague for crimes against humanity.”  Either way this one is going to be one to watch to see if Fox can create a franchise out of the classic Marvel team.I’m betting it misses, grosses $120M, and Fox negotiates a buy out to send it back to the MCU!

8.  Ant-Man-

If you look closely you can see Paul Rudd flipping you off.
Too funny to only use this picture once…

I’ve been bashing this one pretty hard since Gabbing Geek podcast first recorded from the rickety table in my kitchen.  I’ve thought it was destined to be Marvel’s first major stinker.  Seeing the trailer, I think I may have to wait.  This looks good.  Aquaman good!  The tone, mood, style, and humor seem to fit the Marvel Method for a Movie Age.  This movie is going to be a nice hit.  I predict it will hit $160M.

7.  Jurassic World-

Blackfish Part Two

I was not looking forward to this one until I saw the scene pictured above.  Now I want to see it and be frustrated about how, despite improved CGI, it is the same movie as the ones from the 90’s.  That said, this has HIT written all over it and I think it will be fun.  After Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt will become a TRUE global superstar if this hits at the levels I predict.  Call this one @ $290M.

6.  Kingsman: The Secret Service-

Let this be at least as adequate as Wanted…

This adaptation of the Mark Millar graphic novel was supposed to come out in October and got the postponement to February; generally the kiss of death indicating a stinker is lurking.  But the trailer was SO spectacular, the source material is strong, and the director is A-list (or at least A minus…).  I’m hoping it was crowding and the studio still believes in the movie.  Playing the odds though, this one grosses on $70M.

5.  Pitch Perfect 2-

Fat Amy is back, Pitches!

Yup.  Amidst this top ten of testosterone fueled action films is the sequel to a comedy about a girl’s A Capella group.  Yeah.  Suck it.  I took my boys to see the original at the discount theater even though it was out on VOD (we prefer the big screen).  I was totally going to browse Facebook on my phone in the hopes of getting kicked out of what I suspected was a snoozefest.  How wrong I was.  This movie WHIPPED IT!  Can’t wait to see the sequel no matter how redundant.  Still, this one should stall at $65M but sell a lot of soundtracks.

4.  The Martian-

I couldn’t find a better picture than Marvin the Martian…

Sadly the biggest negative about this is that it is being directed by Ridley Scott.  Whoever thought someone would type those words in that order, but there they are.  Still, Matt Damon in science fiction film where we know before hand he is going to appear?  Sounds great.  Still, Scott and SciFi have not been a great financial pairing:  betting on this hitting the $70M and losing the studio a ton of money.  If it even gets released in 2015…

3.  Tomorrowland-

One of the best teaser trailers I’ve seen in while for mood.

Disney again uses an iconic leading man to adapt one of its theme park attractions into a feature film; this time Clooney instead of Depp.  Pirates was just one ride.  Tomorrowland is a whole section, so the stakes are much higher for Disney (not really.  I don’t know why I typed that…).  The plot is kind of mysterious, only indicating some kind of dimensional travel to an amazing new world.  With Director Brad Bird (Incredibles, Ratatoille, MI:4) paired with Clooney, I am stoked to see this one.  $230M!

2.  The Avengers: Age of Ultron-


I wonder how pissed Chris Hemsworth is to not be in this poster?

This movie will be lucky to make $3.50.  It has no hype, buzz, or crossover appeal.  I will see it only out of pure pity.  (Actual Prediction:  $700M)

1.  Star Wars: The Force Awakens-

episdoe 7

It is 2015.  The year I turn 40 years old.  But things aren’t all bad as a DIRECT SEQUEL TO RETURN OF THE JEDI IS RELEASED THIS FREAKING YEAR!!! Can you believe it?  A non-prequel Jedi movie!  One that has Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia, and no Midichlorians!!!  While Ryan has convinced me that AoU will do better at the box office, this one still foes a healthy $620M; pairing with Avengers to shatter domestic and global box office records.