May 19, 2024

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Gabbing Geek 21: Golden Son & Prophecies

This. Read this. Now. Unless you haven’t read the first book. In which case, read that. Then read this.


Gabbing Geek’s first podcast of 2015 is now live and we FINALLY get to talk about Golden Son, the second book in the Red Rising trilogy.  If you’ve read the first book, Red Rising, or don’t care about spoilers for the first book, then you’ll absolutely want to listen to this episode–we don’t spoil anything for book 2.  But if you want to participate in our Gabbing Geek Book Club in 4 weeks, be sure to read both Red Rising and Golden Son (they’re page turners, you won’t have any problems, Jenny guarantees it!).

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Here’s the full show notes:

It’s our first podcast of 2015 and we are beyond excited because we can FINALLY TALK ABOUT GOLDEN SON! This episode, Golden Son & Prophecies, throws our normal order to the wind so we can immediately launch into our Red Rising discussion and our spoiler-free review of Golden Son! If you haven’t read them, don’t worry—our new Skipobot will tell you exactly how far to advance to avoid this bit. But be sure to read both books for Episode 25 when we’ll be doing a Gabbing Geek Book Club about both of these books.

In GNOW (Geekiest News of the Week) we cover more fallout from the Sony hack including all the cowardly acts by Sony executives and major theater chains and the strange circumstances that led to our first major motion picture being released on streaming media sites. What will this mean for future video on demand releases?

Watson leads us in an inspiring game of Sequel, Reboot, or Let It Die where we’re challenged with well known movie franchises and we decide their fates. Then it’s on to the Top 3 geek prophecies of all time. Be sure to come back next week for Episode 22: The Gabbies. We’ll be handing out the geekiest awards for the best moments and content of 2014! See you then!