May 20, 2024

Gabbing Geek

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Moving on up…to the Website!


The first post of a new website should be something epic. So here we go:

We're not saying who would win but BATMAN WOULD WIN!
We’re not saying who would win but BATMAN WOULD WIN!

If you can think of something more epic than Batman fighting Darth Vader then (1) you’re wrong, and (2) welcome home, friend.

(Oh, and an epic cowltip to Galorndon Core for the image.)

Welcome to the new home for Gabbing Geek content! If you don’t know us head over to the awesome Meet The Geeks page so you can get to know your hosts. We’re geeks just like you. And like you, we love talking about movies and TV and science fiction and fantasy and video games and cartoons and comic books and all things geeky. We love talking about it so much we started a weekly podcast back in 2014. Then we realized so many wonderfully geeky things were happening all the time that we started posting stories to Facebook and talking with our listeners and before we knew it we had hundreds of community members all talking about the geekiest content imaginable.

It was awesome.

We decided to make a new home for our community, a place where we could keep sharing stories (and we’ll always be chatting about them over at our Facebook page) but we could also write some longer features, share lists, and make something a bit more permanent. One could say we’re really growing up. But one would be wrong.

What can you expect from this new and improved web site? You’ll see the same collection of funny, geeky content as before including:

  • Superhero movies because there’s about eleventy-five billion of them coming out in the next few years
  • Rants from the Podcast hosts about geeky things
  • Polls and quizzes to keep your geek-mind sharp
  • Smell-o-vision (in development!)
  • Images of Watson taking a bath. Actually we’ll never post those. It’s bad enough what’s in your head right now.
  • Comic book reviews
  • Movie reviews
  • Comic book movie reviews
  • Book reviews
  • Review reviews (I give Watson’s review of the movie Clue a 1 out of 10. It was worse than Cats.)
  • Recommended geek toys, games, and merchandise
  • So much more your geeky mind will be blown. Literally. Buy insurance right now. Kiss your loved ones goodbye.

Who can resist spending every waking moment on our new website, taking in all the colors and smells and feels! YES – ALL THE GOOD FEELS! (Please note we will not feel you in states where Web-based feeling has been criminalized. Sorry, Tennessee.)

We hope you enjoy the change us much as we do, and if you don’t? Well – may the shadows of Mordor consume you.