Gabbing Geek 141: The Future Of The Franchises

Solo is out but only 2/3 of the Geeks have seen it–find out why Ryan had to leave the movie just a few minutes in and hear Jenny and Watson’s spoiler-free take on the film.  Then the geeks talk about the future of a few of our most beloved franchises: Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC Expanded Universe, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones.  What lies in store for these properties?

Theater Geek: Lena Hall Is The Ultimate Hedwig

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is an amazingly complicated musical that just made history last weekend by having the Tony Award winning actress Lena Hall (who won for playing Yitzhak, Hedwig’s husband) take the helm as Hedwig. Ryan was there and needs to geek out about what he saw, so read on for the full mind-blowing experience. Pardon the interruption from Simpsons recaps and comic book reviews, but since Gabbing Geek is a celebration of all things geeky, we’re heading to the theater!

Gabbing Geek 28: Clue, Death, And Taxes

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