The Quest For Humanity: How To Tell A Good Robot From A Bad Robot

We’re kicking off Gabbing Geek’s Robot Month with some thoughts on why some robots want to be human.

Batsoup Ultimate Edition Trailer Makes You Want To See Batsoup Again?

Does the world need an R-Rated Batman/Superman movie? Can an R-Rated cut salvage this disappointing DC Films entry? Probably no to both, but we are getting it anyway. Trailer after the break.

On Star Wars, Sentience, And Slavery

I rewatched Star Wars:  The Force Awakens over the weekend, and as these things tend to do with me, I had some thoughts. I was watching as Rey saved BB-8 from … Read More

Get Ready For Terminator:Genisys With This Review Of All On Screen Terminators

No I haven’t seen  Terminator:Genisys.  But since T2 is my favorite movie I should have seen it by now right?  Perhaps, but I will see it soon.  And if you are … Read More

Time For Some Gratuitous Violence And Course Language

After the break, check out this awesome supercut celebrating some of the best action movie pre-mortem one liners.  As per the title, be aware of NSFW language and violence.