Going Through The DCAU Part Seventy-Four

Jimmy and Tom see the Justice League take on some powerhouses in the episodes “Twilight,” “Tabula Rosa,” and “Only a Dream”.

Going Through The DCAU Part Fifty-Nine

Jimmy and Tom are back to discuss the Batman Beyond episodes “Once Burned,” “Hooked Up,” and “Rats.”

Top 10 Fembots (Who You Calling Motherboard?)

In the spirit of joining forces at the Gabbing Geek headquarters, it’s my honor to present to you the G.G. list of Top 10 Female Robots! Robots of the real … Read More

Friday Geek Gear Is Here! Today’s Theme = SPACEBALLS

Colonel Sandurz: Prepare ship for light speed! Dark Helmet: No-no-no, light speed is too slow! Colonel Sandurz: Light speed too slow? Dark Helmet: Yes, we’re gonna have to go right to… Ludicrous speed!

Gabbing Geek 39: Totally 80s

Did you love the 80s?  The hair, the fashion, the movies, the interest rates?  The 80s were totally tubular!  Gabbing Geek has devoted an entire episode to this beloved decade. … Read More

Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: STAR WARS

May 4th is one of the best days to dress up as your favorite Star Wars character – and thanks to the Star Wars celebration that happened last month, we … Read More

Gabbing Geek 28: Clue, Death, And Taxes

The latest episode of your favorite weekly geek podcast is now live!  Go and listen without delay!

Flying Towards Us At LUDICROUS SPEED Is A Spaceballs Sequel!

  MAY THE SCHWARTZ BE WITH YOU! Yes you heard us correctly, THE SCHWARTZ! Because Mel Brooks is at it again! A Spaceballs sequel was just announced and you know … Read More