Weekend Trek “The Wounded”

O’Brien needs to talk down a former commanding officer whose actions threaten a peace treaty.

Going Through The DCAU Part Eighteen

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Jimmy Attempts To Read All Of Secret Wars XXI (Master Of Kung Fu Edition)

As I’ve made my way through reading all the Secret Wars tie-ins, some titles naturally gravitated to the bottom of my “to read” pile for some reason or another.  Upon agreeing … Read More

Road To Secret Wars Final Part

Concluding my recount of the events from Jonathan Hickman’s epic story from his Avengers/New Avengers runs that lead directly into the new Secret Wars if so at least Jimmy Impossible knows what’s … Read More

Road To Secret Wars, Part One

Marvel’s big Secret Wars mega-storyarc is coming soon, and if you’ve been following Jimmy Impossible’s posts, you’ve probably gotten a lot of information on what worlds and zones are going to … Read More