Going Through The DCAU Part Forty-Five

Jimmy and Tom have some more to say about some episodes featuring such notable Batman villains as Calendar Girl, Farmer Brown, and a cat cult.

Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Hero Case Files #107: Blue Jay

The DC hero who was a Marvel knock-off with all the powers of a small bird.

Slightly Misplaced Comic Book Case Files#50: Feral

There was a time when Marvel’s X-Force was one of its hottest properties.  As drawn by Rob Liefeld, the book chronicled a group of hard-hitting mutants who believed in preemptive … Read More

Jimmy Attempts To Read All Of Secret Wars Part Sixteen (X-Men ’92 Edition)

Much like they did with superhero movies in 2000, X-Men: The Animated Series showed that you could tell relevant and interesting stories without it being a camp fest.  (Ok, in fairness, Batman: … Read More

Jimmy Attempts To Read All Of Secret Wars Part Nine (Old Man Logan Edition)

Old Man Logan was a popular storyline that ran through the regular Wolverine title (and one Giant Size) for eight issues back in 2008/2009.  Written by Mark Millar with art by Steve … Read More

Slightly Misplaced Comics Book Hero Case Files #15: Wundarr the Aquarian

Usually when I do these entries, I have at least a cursory knowledge of the character.  I’ve read a few of his or her adventures, either back in my regular … Read More