Review: The Lego Movie Part 2 (Spoiler-Free)

Movies that have advance screenings week ahead of their official release are confident beasts.  I was impressed when How to Train Your Dragon scheduled screenings three weeks ahead of opening night, but that franchise feels a bit tired to me.  When Lego Movie Part 2 announced screenings two weeks before it opens, that had me interested.  Could the franchise re-capture the energy and spirit of the original, or will Lego Batman’s glowing reviews but lackluster box office, or Ninjago’s overall Ninjagoness, drag down the first real sequel?  Isaac (9) and I took in Lego Movie Part 2 today and here’s what we thought (spoiler free).

Gabbing Geek 141: The Future Of The Franchises

Solo is out but only 2/3 of the Geeks have seen it–find out why Ryan had to leave the movie just a few minutes in and hear Jenny and Watson’s spoiler-free take on the film.  Then the geeks talk about the future of a few of our most beloved franchises: Star Wars, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the DC Expanded Universe, Harry Potter, and Game of Thrones.  What lies in store for these properties?

Gabbing Geek 140: Infinity Whaaaaa?

The Geeks have made it through the Infinity War!  What did they think of the epic adventure?  Where is the Marvel Cinematic Universe heading?  Who will survive Watson’s latest trivia game?  And what did our crew think of Deadpool 2?  So much to gab about!

Geek Lit Review: Iron Gold [Spoiler-Free]

As a huge fan of the original Red Rising trilogy, I was beyond excited when Pierce Brown announced that he would follow up the original trilogy with a new trilogy.  Although some of the original comments about the trilogy suggested it would follow more new characters, by the time Iron Gold was released it was called Book 4 in the Red Rising series and I was thrilled to revisit one of my favorite fictional universes.

A Not-Family Friendly Review Of Paddington 2

Paddington 2 opened in the United States today and with 146 reviews counted on Rotten Tomatoes it’s currently sitting at 100%.  Having just seen the movie, I struggled trying to figure out something unique to say about it.  Then I realized it wasn’t what I could say but how I could say it.  So let me present the most family unfriendly review of Paddington 2.