2019: Year Of Anticipation

It’s our annual appraisal of the coming year in Geek Entertainment. What are we looking forward to in 2019?

Going Through The DCAU Part Twenty-Two

Batman must contend with “The Terrible Trio,” runs afoul of some bad “Harlinquinade,” and then has “Time Out of Joint”.

Gabbing Geek 67: Gotta Gab ‘Em All

In this week’s blabcast, Geeks Ryan, Jimmy, Jenny, and Watson gab about Pokemon Go, news about who wrote the Wonder Woman movie, and the new Ghostbusters movie. We also play a fun game where the Geeks try to guess if a quote comes from a YouTube comment posted on the Ghostbusters trailer (the most disliked video on YouTube) or if it’s a quote by Donald Trump. See if you can tell the difference.

90s Cartoons…All Grown Up

90’s cartoons were always a bit more mature than earlier generations. Where Scoobie-Doo hinted at drug use, later cartoons hit you over the head with the idea.  Well it’s about … Read More

Squeeze, Love, or Just Plain Geek-Out With These Pop Culture Pillows

Check out these awesome oversized pillows made by artist and Etsy shop owner ThisShop Rocks from Whitley, England. The pillows are made from printed fabric and stuffed with duck feathers. These beauties are completely … Read More