2019: Year Of Anticipation

It’s our annual appraisal of the coming year in Geek Entertainment. What are we looking forward to in 2019?

2018: The Revisiting

The Geeks look back at their predictions and see what pleased them and what did not.

Geek Lit Review: Iron Gold [Spoiler-Free]

As a huge fan of the original Red Rising trilogy, I was beyond excited when Pierce Brown announced that he would follow up the original trilogy with a new trilogy.  Although some of the original comments about the trilogy suggested it would follow more new characters, by the time Iron Gold was released it was called Book 4 in the Red Rising series and I was thrilled to revisit one of my favorite fictional universes.

2018: Year Of Anticipation

What are the Geeks looking forward to this coming year and what are they “meh” about? Take a look and see!

2017: Year Of Anticipation

What’s coming out this year that might be worth our time?

Gabbing Geek 65: Apocalypse And Morning Star

Join the geeks Ryan, Jenny, Tom, and Watson (with Jimmy on the text chat) as we talk about two recent Part 3s. First up, it’s the third X-Men movie in the rebooted franchise: Apocalypse. Then we cover the third book in Pierce Brown’s Red Rising series, Morning Star. Head after the jump to listen or watch!