Gabbing Geek 139: Get Your Geek On

In our “What Are We Geeking On” segment, Ryan shares his experiences with Puffs, the Harry Potter Broadway parody that retells the Potter saga from the perspective of the Hufflepuffs while Jenny recounts her experiences with DC royalty and Star Wars creators at SXSW.  Watson tells the saddest story you’ll hear this week.  And you will laugh because it’s Watson.

Then the geeks get into the latest Infinity War trailer while we try to manage our excitement.  Is it April 26 yet???

Hamilton + Star Wars Mash-Up Is Timely But Not Great

Since it’s May the Fourth I feel compelled to share this but only if you are a fellow completionist like me and want to see all the Hamilton parodies that exist. Or all the Star Wars musical clips. Because as Hamilton parodies go, this one isn’t all that great. Batlexander Manilton is a much better parody all around, but it has approximately 100% less Star Wars content. So, for your completionist enjoyment, click here to see Luke the Son of Anakin.