Ryan’s Top 51 movies of 2018

I love going to the movies but life keeps me so busy that the vast majority of movies I see are with my kids, leaving me with the difficult task of carving out late nights or some other time to watch more grown-up titles and Red Sparrow.  Still, thanks to streaming services, long plane rides, and AMC A-List, I managed to see a whopping 51 movies in 2018!  It’s nothing compared to Watson, but at nearly one a week, I’m happy about that.  

A Not-Family Friendly Review Of Paddington 2

Paddington 2 opened in the United States today and with 146 reviews counted on Rotten Tomatoes it’s currently sitting at 100%.  Having just seen the movie, I struggled trying to figure out something unique to say about it.  Then I realized it wasn’t what I could say but how I could say it.  So let me present the most family unfriendly review of Paddington 2.