2018: The Revisiting

The Geeks look back at their predictions and see what pleased them and what did not.

2018: Year Of Anticipation

What are the Geeks looking forward to this coming year and what are they “meh” about? Take a look and see!

Awesome Cosplay Of The Day: Pacific Rim – GIPSY DANGER

Yeeeowzers! Awesome! Take a look at this detail oriented Gipsy Danger from Pacific Rim – I mean, it’s flawless! Nona Neon Cosplay said this took 6 months to build, and … Read More

New Writers Announced For Transformer Cinematic Universe (I Just Threw Up In Ultron’s Mouth a Little)

Not happy to just make billions on the main crappy movies.  The producers want to have multiple series, ala the MCU.  Who is involved?

Lost City of Z Loses Cumberbatch

The Lost City of Z film adaptation takes a big hit this week, as it loses Benedict Cumberbatch as the lead!  In case you’ve never heard of the property, I want … Read More