2017: Year Of Anticipation

What’s coming out this year that might be worth our time?

Going Through The DCAU Part Fifteen

Yup, time for more cartoon talk with Jimmy and Tom. This time, we’re covering the Batman The Animated Series episodes “What Is Reality?” “I Am The Night,” and “Off Balance”.

Podcast Reaction: The No Watson’s Club Edition

On this week’s podcast we were without the melodic tones of one William DB Watson as he served his one podcast suspension for last weeks tirade that will be henceforth … Read More

18 New Geek Monthly Mystery Box Subscriptions To Check Out

  Welcome back to our Geek Monthly Mystery Box subscription round up! For anyone new to this concept, mystery subscription boxes are mail order boxes filled with “stuff” that you pay … Read More

Super Mario Piranha Plant Takes A Chomp Out Of Your Ear

Chomp-petchewy-chomp-petchewy-CHOMP. That’s what these little earrings make me say when I think about how adorable they would be on my ears. I mean – your ears – um….how about anyone’s … Read More

The Wait Is Over – Mega Man Helmet Is Finally Here!

Just what you always wanted. That infamous Mega Man helmet has a certain je ne sais quoi, don’t you think? According to Capcom: Due to immense popular demand! There have … Read More