Gabbing Geek 129: No Justice, No Peace

JUSTICE LEAGUE!!!  It’s a MRIYASIODCIIS (Movie Review If You’ve Already Seen It Or Don’t Care If It’s Spoiled) so maybe see the movie first.  WB could use the money.

Gabbing Geek 128: Episodes Of Rage And Curiosity

It’s another episode with all three Geeks in the same room!  This time we’re gabbing about new Star Wars movies, Geek Rage over Amazon armor and Rotten Tomatoes scores, and in a special Ask the Geeks segment we explore whether Rogue could lift Mjolnir after absorbing Thor’s powers.

Are You Worthy Enough To Pick Up Thor’s Hammer?

Thor’s mighty hammer Mjölnir (or what I lovingly call Meow-Meow) is probably one of the more iconic superhero weapons of all time. If you’re anything like me, then you too … Read More

8 Things Avengers Age Of Ultron Screwed Up (And How They Could Have Been Fixed) [SPOILERS]

WARNING: This post contains Avengers Age of Ultron spoilers.  Go see the movie first, then come back and read the rest after the break.