Stranger Things 2: A Theory For What It Will Include

Stranger Things was an absolute joy to watch. So much that it was almost crushing to realize when it was over that Stranger Things 2 hasn’t even been picked up by Netflix. Although when even the CEO of Netflix says it would be dumb not to do a second season, I think we’ll eventually see a second season.

But what will the second season bring? The Duffer brothers have already started dropping some hints about what season 2 will bring us, but of course they aren’t going to tell us the really good stuff. While I eagerly, albeit impatiently, await what twists and turns and scares they’ll bring us, I also started thinking about what direction they may head. This started to shape into a theory that could be amazing to see.

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Hamilton + Star Wars Mash-Up Is Timely But Not Great

Since it’s May the Fourth I feel compelled to share this but only if you are a fellow completionist like me and want to see all the Hamilton parodies that exist. Or all the Star Wars musical clips. Because as Hamilton parodies go, this one isn’t all that great. Batlexander Manilton is a much better parody all around, but it has approximately 100% less Star Wars content. So, for your completionist enjoyment, click here to see Luke the Son of Anakin.

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