Bento Review: Fantastic Four/Inhumans Atlantis Rising

A 90s era Fantastic Four crossover? Well, that’s something that exists.

Going Through The DCAU Part Thirty-Eight

Jimmy and Tom are back for more with the Superman the Animated Series episodes “Hand of Fate,” “Bizarro World,” and “Prototype”.

Bento Review: Fantastic Four Season One

Comic Bento’s theme this month was “Elementals,” and first up is a retelling of the Fantastic Four’s origin.  Yeah, see, they had earth (Ben), air (Sue), fire (Johnny obviously), and … Read More

Jimmy Attempts To Read All Of Secret Wars XXVII: Mrs. Deadpool Edition

I’ve never read much Deadpool.  I’ve got nothing against the character voted in high school as most likely to be twice played by Ryan Reynolds.  He’s just never really been … Read More

Another Podcast Reaction: Secret Wars Edition

This week on the podcast, the Gabbingest of Geeks stopped to discuss the fact that they took the podcast’s birthday off. Lazy goofs. They also discussed time travel.  But I … Read More

Marvel’s Badass Females Ranked, Because That Is What We Do Here

Actually, more what they do over at MorphSuits, but we like to spread the love. After the break, see how you farvorite female Marvel heroes fare.