ICYMI: MCU Rewatch Issue #13: Captain America: Civil War

Welcome Black Panther and SPIDER-MAN!!!

Going Through The DCAU Part Sixty-Three

Jimmy and Tom return to discuss more Batman Beyond with the episodes “Eggbaby,” “Zeta,” and “Plague.”

MCU Rewatch Issue #13: Captain America: Civil War

MCU Phase 3 begins with Avengers 2.5.

MCU Rewatch Issue #11: Avengers: Age Of Ultron

The Avengers are back and there’s gonna be trouble. Hey ya, hey ya, Avengers back.

Secret Empire Reading Order (Annotated Spoiler Edition)

The one with Jimmy’s mad ramblings and spoilers.

Secret Empire Reading Order (Updated 9/15)

Secret Empire: Omega puts the finishing touches on this Marvel event.

Secret Empire Reading Order (Updated 9/6)

Maybe I jumped the gun saying the next update would be the last…