2018: The Revisiting

The Geeks look back at their predictions and see what pleased them and what did not.

Gabbing Geek 142: Summer Went By In A Snap

Wait, is summer over already?  Find out where the Geeks have been the past few months and the geekiest things we’ve been doing.  Things like the Her Universe Fashion Show and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and whatever Watson does with his spare time (that we can talk about).  Plus there’s Captain Marvel pictures on the Interwebz–how much has Jenny cried over them?  And we wrap up the episode with a game about movie last lines.  You don’t want to miss this bold return to the podcasting realm.  Are you still reading this?  I doubt it.

[SPOILERS] The Rogue One Chatroom

The Gabbing Geek crew has been a bit silent since our video podcasting tool went broke and we’ve been too busy to record a podcast. Or to write much in terms of articles. We just left Tom sitting in the comfy chair, turned the TV on, and told him to write whatever came to mind. But we’re all still around and we chat amongst ourselves when the mood strikes. Such a mood clearly struck when Rogue One was released. So here, with some editing, is our Rogue One chatroom discussion. Yes, it has spoilers, so go see the movie and then come join our conversation.