Gabbing Geek 142: Summer Went By In A Snap

Wait, is summer over already?  Find out where the Geeks have been the past few months and the geekiest things we’ve been doing.  Things like the Her Universe Fashion Show and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and whatever Watson does with his spare time (that we can talk about).  Plus there’s Captain Marvel pictures on the Interwebz–how much has Jenny cried over them?  And we wrap up the episode with a game about movie last lines.  You don’t want to miss this bold return to the podcasting realm.  Are you still reading this?  I doubt it.

You Too Can Be Jessica Drew With Spider-Woman Jacket

Gotta love this new jacket from “Now you can become Spider-Woman with the 100% polyester Spider-Woman Moto Women’s Jacket! A near perfect replica of Jessica Drew’s latest outfit, the … Read More

Channel Your Inner Animagus With These Animal Ski Masks

Channel your inner Animagus with these weird but oddly awesome Balaclavas (ski masks). Not only can you transform into your favorite animal (without magic you silly muggle) but they are … Read More

Suit Up For Winter With These DC Themed Hoodies

Winter is coming, but don’t let that get you down. Protect your geeky-cheeks with these awesome DC themed hoodies. See more pictures of Batman Arkham Suit-Up costume hoodie and Wonder Woman reversible women’s … Read More

Star Trek Undies That Beam You To Another Galaxy

Star Trek Next Generation undies! Impress your friends with captain’s status, if you dare show them. My advise is probably steer clear of the “red shirt” ones, only because we … Read More

Cover Yourself In Scales With This Dragon Cardigan

Khaleesi would be proud of these imitation dragon scales made from polycarbonate with a wool knit lining the sleeves.  Silmaril Clothing specializes in “scalemail for dragonborns”. They come in jet black, luscious green, anodized … Read More

Diablo 3 Inspired Engagement Rings

Designing a Diablo 3 inspired engagement ring for Diablo fans James and Colleen has been one of the most technically challenging but creatively rewarding projects for Takayas Custom Jewelry.  This platinum 1.00 ct … Read More

Beam Me Up Some Star Trek Scarves

Fall is here – if you haven’t noticed with the weather changing and all, and that means that WINTER IS COMING! OH HOLY HELL! Not Ned Stark all over again!? … Read More

Attack Of The Killer Kittens!

Ruuuuuuuuuuuuun! Fly you fools! Save yourselves! There is no escaping the cuteness overload that are these Killer Kittens. Consider yourself warned – the future is in your hands!