Gabbing Geek 114: The Three Ws

This week all three geeks are back to gab about three W stories: 1) What the heck is going on with the Han Solo movie?, 2) Watchmen may get an HBO series led by Damon Lindelof, and 3) Wonder Woman script by Joss Whedon makes us wonder why Whedon even wrote it.

Gabbing Geek 112: Gabbing Wonder Woman

Jenny is back from vacation and we’ve all seen Wonder Woman so of course we have to gab all about the latest superhero movie. This is a spoiler-filled discussion so if you haven’t seen the movie WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU? Sheesh, go see it already. Then you can listen to our thoughts on the movie. Plus we play a fun game to see if Watson and Jenny can pick between actual comments Jenny has posted on social media versus random posts about Wonder Woman on The Mary Sue.

Gabbing Geek 111: Geekonomics

You know what happens when Jenny goes on vacation leaving just Watson and Ryan to record a podcast? That’s right–numbers, numbers, numbers! In episode 111 (or 7 if you speak binary), the Y-chromosomes talk about manly things: our box office prediction game, how opening weekend multipliers have fallen over the last 20 years and what that means for the movie industry, and Watson leads a game of seeing whose box office is bigger.

Gabbing Geek 110: Wonder Prep

Wonder Woman is almost here and that’s our agenda this week. What are we looking forward to or afraid of for the latest DC movie? Jenny leads a trivia game about Wonder Woman in general while Ryan heads up a game guessing how many episodes certain actors were in the 70s TV show.

Gabbing Geek 109: Game Of Flash Themes

The Flash (movie) keeps losing directors so while the geeks talk about the latest contenders we also talk about what directors would make good or horrible choices for the Flash movie. Then we talk about the five possible Game of Thrones spin-offs/prequels before playing a fun audio game where Jenny and Watson try to guess the science fiction movie theme.

Gabbing Geek 33: Taxholes

The latest episode of your favorite geek podcast has time travel, special movie reviews, and is that Stephen Hawking?  Listen right now or find out more after the break!

Gabbing Geek 26: 21st Century Oscars

The new episode of your favorite weekly geek podcast is live and ready for your listening pleasure!